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I started BKSpeed Coffee because I loved how when I awoke some days in the greatest city in the world completely worn-out, depleted, and still processing that last unnecessary Old Fashioned from the night before, I simply didn't have the energy to make it through another day. But every morning, after those first sips of BKSpeed Coffee... BAM! I was back and ready to rejoin the battle!

What battle is that, you might ask? Well, it's changed over the years, since 2015 when BKSC started in what was a grimy, raucous den of iniquity known as the Flat. Through various creative pursuits and business ventures to planning the ultimate Thursday date night, the battle was to make every dream I had a reality, even as those dreams changed over time. What hasn't changed is how BKSpeed Coffee energizes me to keep at it, day after day.

I hope it inspires you the same way it does me and keeps fueling the pursuit of your dreams until they become reality. I always love to hear about how our coffee family are doing, so shoot me a line at any time and let me know how YOU BKSpeed!

-Mr.G, January 2023.

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Our Story

BKSpeed Coffee was started in June 2015 inside what was then a raucous but classy bastion of debauchery called the Flat, a bar in South Williamsburg.

The image of a beautiful but mysterious customer craving her coffee remains on its outside wall to this day. Her intense desire to realize her dreams remains the inspiration for BKSpeed to this day.